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In 2002, Thermage pioneered the science of non-invasive radiofrequency energy for the treatment of wrinkles. And since then, we've continued to improve our technology and treatment protocols as part of our commitment to safety. Today, as a result, Thermage is the gold standard for safely and effectively smoothing wrinkled skin.

Engineered for Safety and Efficacy

To ensure the safest and most effective treatment possible, we've reengineered the procedure to use larger tips, multiple passes at moderate power settings, and patient feedback as a way to determine treatment levels. Even more, our advanced tip technology ensures the skin is adequately cooled before and after energy is delivered. It all translates to patient safety, clinical efficacy, improved patient comfort, faster treatments and practice success. In short, we've never stopped innovating—and you can see it in the satisfaction of patients.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients will be happier with the results and the treatment experience with the Thermage CPT system. 100% of study patients* preferred treatment with the Thermage CPT system vs. treatment with prior technologies. Average patient satisfaction scores 3 months post treatment were 4.2 out of 5 (1=dissatisfied, 5=very satisfied).

Side Effects & Patient Comfort

Side effects are generally mild and may include redness, swelling, blisters, bumps and rare instances of surface irregularities. Our new energy delivery algorithm interweaves pulsed radiofrequency delivery with cooling bursts mimicking Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation ("TENS") therapy, to disrupt the brain's neural response and improve comfort during treatment. A new vibrating handpiece offers a clinically proven improvement in patient comfort. In controlled, split-faced clinical studies, comparing treatment of over 40 patients with vibration to treatment without vibration, all patients preferred being treated with vibration.


Our redesigned treatment tips deliver enhanced heat distribution and uniformity, which lead to improved volumetric heating. A greater volume of tissue is heated to target temperatures and the heating is more evenly distributed across the treatment area. Data from our clinical study demonstrates that the Thermage CPT system heats four times more tissue to therapeutic temperatures than current technologies.

*data on file