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Shake Things Up: More Comfort, More Confidence,

More Amazing Results Through Vibration

Making a patient comfortable is the first step in delivering the best results. The Thermage CPT’s Comfort Pulse Technology integrates vibration with cooling blasts to achieve a whole new level of patient comfort, so you can deliver the dramatic and consistent results you and your patients really want.  Here’s how:

The “Gate Control Theory”

Developed by Ron Melzack and Patrick Wall, the "Gate Control Theory" states that throughout the nervous system there are many types of nerve fibers responsible for relaying all the sensory information in the human body from the limbs, tissues, and organs, to the brain. Small diameter nerve fibers carry pain impulses while large diameter fibers carry non-painful impulses, among which is vibration. Applying vibration to an area of discomfort decreases pain because touch stimulates the large fiber diameters which in turn close the “gate.”



Clinical Details

With over a million treatments performed and more than 50 peer reviewed publication in print, we have plenty of best practices and clinical data for your review. Learn more about proven treatment protocols and clinical results.

Technical Specs

We’re proud of the achievements we’ve earned as the pioneers in the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles with radiofrequency technology, and we’re working to stay at the head of the curve in the evolution of the space. Get a look inside our Thermage technologies, and see details on our systems and our range of treatment tips, including some of our latest technical innovations.